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Tax planning is a crucial part of managing your finances effectively. It can help minimize your tax liabilities and allow you to keep more of your returns. At InVested Advisors, we provide valuable insights and proactive strategies to help our clients make informed tax decisions. Below are some of the ways we incorporate tax planning into our clients' financial plan:

Diversification of Retirement Income

Not only is minimizing your taxes crucial during your working years, it's equally as important to manage those taxes throughout your retirement. Many people save all of their lives into pre-tax retirement accounts to reduce their current year tax burden only to find out at retirement they have a very large tax issue when those funds come out. At InVested Advisors, we plan ahead for the diversification of retirement income sources so that our clients are not burdened by large tax bills every year.

Investment Income Management

We optimize the timing and distribution of our clients' portfolio distributions to help reduce their tax burden, where appropriate. We integrate strategies that can help you defer income to lower tax years or shift income to family members in lower tax brackets.

Annual Tax Return Review

Reviewing your tax return can help us make future tax planning recommendations. We use a comprehensive tax analysis software that assists us with identifying tax opportunities such as when to utilize Roth accounts, eligible deductions and tax efficient required minimum distributions utilizing charitable giving.

Proactive CPA Communication

Having a relationship with our client's Tax Preparer allows us to proactively communicate and relay tax specific details that will impact their taxes. Every year we provide the Tax Preparers with a summary of the tax documents our client will be receiving and any Roth conversations, charitable gifts or other events that occured.

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