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We believe that a financial life plan is a living, breathing document and should not be viewed as something you “set and forget”.   Goals change, people change, life happens. We work together with our clients throughout the planning process, beginning with goal setting through fact gathering and ultimately the design of their financial life plan. Goal based investment strategies are created that align with each individual financial goal such as retirement income, estate planning and charitable giving. Efficient tax management strategies are incorporated throughout the planning process. Once a blueprint is created, the plan is revisited on a regular basis. Have any of their goals changed since the blueprint was created? How did their investments perform compared to the assumptions that were initially made? What needs to be changed (if anything) to get back on track? .

In addition to the financial planning system, our clients have access to a powerful financial dashboard, capable of creating comprehensive personal financial reports, cash flow projections and “what-if” scenarios. The dashboard delivers an easy to use platform to track and manage personal balance sheets, investments and important documents in one convenient and secure location. This integrated approach allows our clients and their KCFA team to work together collaboratively, on a regular basis monitoring their financial life plan. .


Our Goal Based investment strategy is fairly straightforward in theory — We incorporate three or four separate portfolios or “buckets”, each with a range of investments meeting specific goals over a particular time horizon. Recognizing that different people have different goals such as saving for college education costs, buying a beach house, or planning for an early retirement, your “buckets” will be designed and invested based on each of your individual goals. We find that actively managing our clients’ investments using goal based “buckets” is not only a personalized approach for us to discuss the overall investment strategy and its purposes, it also provides a way for our clients to stay focused, keep on track and rest easy.


Needs change and life happens. The circumstances, needs and goals that were present at the time you purchased your insurance policies played a significant role in the type of policy and coverage you selected. Over time, these same circumstances, needs and goals can change and perhaps even go away. That’s why we will evaluate the various types of insurance you carry to make sure they’re aligned with your current circumstances, goals and needs.  

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