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Your financial journey is more than just accumulating wealth. It's about the legacy you want to leave behind - a lasting impact that reflects your values, purpose, and passions. Our legacy planning strategies are designed to help you shape a meaningful and enduring legacy.

Discovering Your Core Values

We begin by exploring your core values and beliefs to define what you want to pass on to future generations. By understanding these values, we align your financial decisions with your desired legacy.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning plays an important role when developing a comprehensive plan to ensure a smooth transfer of assets according to your wishes. We work with you and your attorney to assist with basic document revisions, trust account establishment, and beneficiary designations while taking into consideration tax implications and your current income needs.

Philanthropy and Charitable Giving

If philanthropy is one of your legacy goals, we will explore charitable giving options such as charitable trusts, donor-advised funds, or private foundations. Many of these strategies can provide you with a tax efficient opportunity to leave a legacy to causes you are passionate about.

Financial Education for Future Generations

We believe it's also important to build long-term relationships with our clients' families. Providing ongoing education, support and guidance can often be overlooked in the Legacy planning process. Our team provides financial education programs that focus on financial literacy, wealth management, and the significance of philanthropy. By instilling these values, you ensure the preservation of your legacy for generations to come.

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